5 steps to avoid getting a headache when planning a trip


When travelling with your squad, super excited and counting the days to reach your destination, but wait… we all know planning the trip requires a stress kit and panadol. Not to mention, if a simple thing goes against expectations like the weather or a delay, the whole plan will just be tossed in the closest garbage. Well, your friends’ picky and varying preferences makes planning a mission impossible. So, why not just be spontaneous and enjoy the ride?

1- Be friends with the locals


It may just seem socially stressful to get up and make friendships with locals who don’t speak your language nor relates to you by any means. But you may want to put your phone down for a minute and just ask a question or open any random conversation. That friendship will make you gain perks that you would never expect. A local may invite you to their  place for a traditional meal, or maybe just show you around the city. Your plan will be lively buzzing with the best activities led by your new local friendships that you were shying away from. Travelling is all about creating memories and seeing true cultures, this is a great start.

2- Write a list of the top two to five things to do


Remember when you and your friends were deciding what to eat for dinner? Yes, most of us are very indecisive. If we come up with the things we like, we usually fear to miss out. For your next destination, just breathe in and spontaneously come up with your favorite top two to five things to do on the spot. This will relieve the stress off your shoulders when you go for activities as you are only concentrating on the things you actually prefer. But hey, never share your list with your friends and just be the leader! Otherwise, you will spend your holiday at the hotel eating pizza and watching TV, after tons of arguments on everyone’s preferences.

3- Download an experience app


When you travel, you can just be dying to know if there is a festival going on or maybe just a local art gallery show around the corner? Instead of continuously spending hours online trying to get a sneak peek, use current apps tailored for experiences discover.  Why not try Friendture? An App that makes you forget about the hassle of planning and searching for experiences. With Friendture, never worry about spending tedious hours and stress for planning trips anymore, you’re one click away from your next adventure. Land at the destination, open the app, and discover.

4- Relax and enjoy


You woke up at 4:00 am from the jet lag and you are just stressing out about the hectic day ahead. . Maybe you will get lost, or maybe you do not have the right shoes on, or this and that… But hey, just relax and indulge in the beauty of a spontaneous trip. Just go with the flow and enjoy the ride.

5- Don’t be too ambitious


Especially without -enough knowledge on tourist sites, do not expect to master sightseeing and scuba-diving at the same time. Sprinting to the fourth museum before its closing time will just be a pain. Always remember that less is more and enjoy every moment of your adventure or trip. Also, never be a control freak!


These tips will reduce your panadol consumption, and allow you to enjoy the simplicity of travelling with no headache.

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  1. Does Friendture help in meeting locals?

  2. Being friends with locals is always highly recommended. It’s always fun times when discovering the country with locals.

  3. Nice read, thanks

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