5 types of people you may bump into when travelling

Travelling can open your mind to new cultures and experiences, meeting different personalities and people, with a range of perspectives.  An authentic traveller like you will surely bump into hundreds of people when travelling. You probably have taken the decision to never travel again with that buddy.

These are 5 types of people that you will most probably bump into, just be careful and avoid being one of them!

1- The complainer


The person who can just see the negatives in every single detail out there. “The air in this plane is so not ventilated”. A person who just thinks that it’s cool to turn any excitement into a sad and  boring experience. Also, do not forget the shrug that comes with such acts. This person expects that everything has to be perfect – based on their moodswing. A friendly advice: get that person to travel to places that are closer in nature to -their culture. You can never ever see them happy!

2- The selfie besties


You can spot these besties from a hundred miles away. They may just stand upside down to reach the perfect selfie light that makes their skin glow. You do not usually find them in places like museums and historic monuments but you will always spot them in Wifi spots uploading their bestie shots. These people suffer from “selfitis”; a severe mental condition that makes them obsessed with selfies and the worst part is that it has no cure. Do not fall into a trap with them as you might turn into their new selfie bestie and catch the disease, it is contagious! In fact, they always seem boring to everyone but they think that they are having the best time of their lives needing nothing from anyone else and enjoying their selfies encyclopedia.

3- The newbie


The best type of person who is just amazed and overwhelmed by everything. They probably get over-excited with their packing skills as well. These people are just enthusiastic about the tiniest detail and that might be just admirable about them. Sometimes, you will notice their free spirit and their love of discovery. You will often hear something like “the water tastes so much different here

4- The expert


The “I know it all” type of person acts like this was his home back in the times. In fact, most of the times, these experts actually know nothing. You can spot that person as the one who corrects the tour guide. When visiting a spot, that person carefully considers mentioning the hugest number of irrelevant information possible. Everyone secretly hates this -party pooper – but has to nod to everything -they say.

5- The planner


That type of person is literally a walking clock, or maybe a schedule shaped into a person that masters nagging. The planners can never be late, and they take timings way too seriously. On their laptops, they have unlimited spreadsheets that include the time they would like to go to the bathroom. They are almost more knowledgeable than the experts as they research every single event or activity they will be doing to estimate timings. Finally, we cannot deny that they – – get the most out of every trip or adventures they take.

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