5 ways to avoid spending your vacation in the bathroom

Yes, being sick is terrible. But being sick on a vacation is on a whole other level! Do you remember last time you were stuck in the bathroom while on a trip? Your friends are all enjoying sightseeing, scrumptious meals and taking them selfies, while you sit uncomfortably stalking them on social apps?

Don’t worry, Our 5 tips will ensure you’re mobile time spent is on taking photos.

1- Be careful about street food vendors


When travelling, you might be a bit over excited to indulge in the exotic local dishes prepared by the local street food vendors. But don’t get way too tempted because street food vendors may not only give you ‘butterflies’ in your stomach in a positive way, some can turn into painful food poisoning symptoms. But hey, we all know that there is no delight in travelling without trying street food. One of the tips that expert adventurers swear by is to look for the street food vendor with the busiest line and eat only when the locals eat.

2- Be selective


As a tourist who is just lost between the wonders of the world, you may not give careful consideration to the restaurants you are choosing or even the specific foods you are eating. When ordering food, try to avoid ordering foods that include raw vegetables like a salad for example. Also, avoid any food that has been left over for quite a while especially food that includes any kind of meat.

3- Be cautious with beverages


In some places you’d think that it is friendly to be handed a free cup of water but not until that cup lands you in the bathroom for three consecutive days. Especially if it is tap water, it might be contaminated and coming from an unknown source that you may not want to enter your system. Also, never ask for ice and order your beverages without ice to avoid an upset stomach that will limit you from enjoying your activities.


Bottomline, do not have food phobia when you’re travelling and try exotic -meals  for you to experience the cultural essence of the newly visited city. But do not try to be way too adventurous with your food. In case if you get sick, the key to the fastest way of recovering is to drink a lot of water that will just help in making a way for germs to exit, and always make sure you have some over the counter medicines with you to ease the pain. Happy eating!


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