Believe it or not, 5 things that might get you in trouble at your next destination

Travelling can be an exciting and a fun adventure. But be careful, not all adventures may raise your adrenaline. In fact, being too adventurous by doing  what you assume are the simplest things may land you in jail. Especially if you’re not familiar with the country’s laws, something as subtle as eating in public may get you arrested. But hey, wouldn’t it be a remarkable experience for you and your friends to have a once in a lifetime (perhaps) jail experience?

1- Flushing the toilet at night
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After nice adventures and a late dinner, you eventually will have to take some trips to the bathroom. You might be struck with the fact that some properties in Switzerland prevent you from flushing the toilet after 10pm. Apparently, it causes noise pollution and breaks the calmness and quietness of the night. Save your bathroom trips for the morning!

2- Wearing High Heels


Well, you might want to look all glamorous in your vacation and take lots of instagram worthy pictures. Not until you harm the ancient and historic monuments with your heels tip in Greece. Not only that, but you will be hurting the cradles of the humanity. Remember, get a spare comfortable shoes with no sharp tips the next time you’re visiting Greece.

3- Wearing flip-flops


Of course, you recognize the squeaky nature of flip-flops but you have also witnessed how comfortable they are. In Italy, wearing noisy footwear like flip flops breaks the resident’s value of quiet and peace. Although your flip flops may be just comfy, but avoid them everywhere, unless you’re spending your day at the beach. Forget about the law, but wearing flip flops will assure everyone that you are not a local, which is something you may not prefer. Do not let the comfortableness fool you, it is a crime against fashion as well.

4- Chewing gum


Gum is treated like heroine in Singapore. Even importing or selling gum is against the law. Given the hefty population and the tiny city, even gum wrappers can cause pollution which is something residents are very concerned about. The next time you’re visiting Singapore, replace gum with mints so that you do not spend a day or two in jail.

5- Frowning


The stereotypical fact that Middle Easterns are always pissed off and frowning may be practically correct. In fact, if we keep this attitude going, travelling to Milan, Italy will be just another holiday peeve. That is not the most exciting part, but Milan actually has a “fun police” that governs and makes sure that you are genuinely happy. The only people who are allowed to be pissed off are the ones in hospitals and funerals. Well, you might want to book a teeth whitening session just before you depart to Milan.

Use this info to visit new destinations without a trip to jail.


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